Diary of a Student-Teacher #Week3Day11

Blessing Akpan
3 min readMar 2, 2021

I can’t believe I am already in the third week. I am so exhausted. Yes, this is me who couldn’t wait to get started but now wishing I am done already. Wahala!

According to the term’s calendar, we are in week five and I prepared this week’s lesson note accordingly.

I did two things today; I conducted tests with the students and helped the class teacher mark the pupils’ homework. You know I won’t forget to include the regular break time routine where I have to help the kids take their lunch, sweep, mub the floor, and rearrange the seats. Yeah, I am almost getting used to it. Emphasis on ‘’Almost’’ Plix. Hahaha

I spent almost half of the day assisting the class teacher in conducting tests with over 30 pupils. They are usually over 36, there was a fee drive exercise today so we had a bit less of the usual number.

My goodness, it wasn’t easy. The kids do not write, I call them out, ask some questions and they answer for their marks.

However, I had a few difficulties. There were kids who obviously knew the answer, but they responded in a way you could barely hear them and you have to repeat the question about 5 to 7 times before you get an idea of what they are trying to say. At a point, I got frustrated because I was straining my ears and engaging so much energy at some point urging them to speak out.

Well, we were successful in the end. We conducted the test for all the kids who were present.

There was this boy who showed exceptional talent. His name is Joseph. He is 3 years old but looks so little. I love the way he answers his question. He recited the 36 states and capital till the end without missing any. I was so impressed.

There is also this child who likes taking initiative. He just loves leading and helping out. He loves to assist in arranging the class, sweeping the floor. Today, he even took the pointer and started teaching his classmates. Talk about his age, he is 3. Guess what, he is one of the most restless kids in the class, I can’t count the number of times I have had to remind him to always be on his seat.

Pheew! Today has ended and somehow I get to understand the reality of the teaching condition, especially in Nigeria.

Teachers depend on their jobs because it takes most of their time and their mental strength. They get home most times too tired to do anything and have to wake up early the following morning.

Teachers are already outdoing themselves. I would say again that they deserve to be well compensated for their efforts.

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You should attend.

There would be freebies too.

Tell me, how did your day go?



Blessing Akpan

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