Diary of a Student-Teacher #Week2Day8

Blessing Akpan
3 min readFeb 24, 2021


Today was unusual and gloomy. A few minutes after I arrived at school, the proprietress came to my class and called me to follow her. She took me to the Upper reception class and told me I will be teaching that class henceforth. Just like that, without any reason at all. I wasn’t so happy about it so I later went to her office to communicate my concerns but still, she wouldn’t change her mind. I was so sad; because I knew the stress that awaits me and then coupled with the fact that I had already gotten used to Nursery one class. I couldn’t just understand why the sudden change.

However, I had to accept my fate because apart from the fact that it is a fight for an “A” in EDU 300, it could also be God giving a new direction.

I was just so gloomy throughout today. I had to lighten up when one of the teachers in my new class called me to handle a topic with the kids. You know, I have to give a brighter look and not punish the kids for what they didn’t do.

The upper reception consists of children between the ages of 1 to 3 years. They are much more than the previous class I taught and a restless set of adorable humans. I had to spend 70% of my teaching time listening to complaints and settling disputes. I tried as much as I could to be calm and listen to all they had to tell me.

We concluded our session and our behavioral objective was amazingly achieved. Just like the last class I taught, the kids here are excited and ready to learn, just that my work goes beyond that of a teacher. I have undoubtedly now become a Mother, Mediator, Counselor, Nurse, Janitor, and Nanny.

During break time, the kids have to finish eating before I take my lunch because I need to feed them. I have to blow their nose and remind them every time to sit properly, fold their arms, or hold their lips to get their attention.

I really do not know what God is preparing me for but whatever it is, I just ask for the strength to get through. I may be unhappy about it, but inwardly, I am willing to submit to it if it is the will of God because only he knows the next step ahead.

My thoughts today were all about Favor and Happiness. How will I be able to take a closer look at them now that I’ve been taken away from their class? I wanted to go check up on them during break time today but my gloomy mood would not let me. Also, I had no slight opportunity to leave the kids in my current class all alone; they will turn the class upside down and bully each other leaving more cases for me to settle when I return. I hope to visit them tomorrow though.

Teaching kids have taught me patience, perseverance, kindness, and compassion. I am grateful I followed this path. I may not know where it would lead yet but right now, I just want to keep going.

I hope your day went well?



Blessing Akpan

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