Diary of A Student-Teacher, #Week1Day4

Blessing Akpan
2 min readFeb 18, 2021


A photo from outreach at a community School in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

It was an amazing day today. First, because I did not have any exams, so I did not have to rush back to school from my place of assignment. Secondly, because it was a very active day.

Did I tell you that one of the class teachers in my assigned class is called “Blessing” too? apologies If I did not mention it. She has been so nice since I arrived at the school. I also love to watch her teach because I see the unusual passion in her every activity.

Yes, I was about to share how today went. Teacher Blessing introduced the children to a lesson on Exercise. We went through several activities together from Dancing, to jumping and then to the playground.

Apart from the exercise session, we did a little mathematics and I had the opportunity to take my 4-year old through personal sessions on how to write numbers correctly from 1 to 10.

Apparently, it was difficult at first but as I made her repeat the process in her notebook, she was able to write on her own though she sometimes writes “9” as “P” and “5” as “S.”

After my session in school, I met up with my friend, Ekemini and we talked about the state of our pre-primary education in Nigeria. One thing we have to note is that in a classroom, we have children from diverse backgrounds with different developmental processes. A lot of factors contribute to a child being either smart or dull in class and a teacher needs to acknowledge this fact in order to carry every child along.

Also, parents' role in the success of their kids at school cannot be overemphasized. Teachers are not superhumans. they only try their best possible to see a child succeed at school but where there is no improvement, parents need to ask questions and sort out ways to help their child. such measures could include;

  • Taking home assessment seriously for their child
  • Hiring a Home Tutor
  • Withdrawing a child from school to pursue Homeschooling.

A child’s academic growth is everyone’s business — The teacher and ultimately the parents, it should not be left to chance.

Today went well as I was able to have a personal session with my 4-year old. I also got to meet my friend, Ekemini, today. yay!

Before I sign out for today, I want you to know that Bees Learning Hub is available to answer all the questions you may have on preschooling or home tutoring for your child.

Thank you for staying with me, See you tomorrow!



Blessing Akpan

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